Breitling B55: the connected watch by Breitling

One more! The year 2015 is the year of the connected watches. It is now the turn of Breitling to present his own: the B55. It is a chrono - case titanium black-connected that wants smartphone to watch service, to increase its functionality and ease of use... Discover.
Decidedly the Swiss decided to enter the market of the connected watch! Long criticized for having abandoned this segment, they arrive in force at the fair of Basel 2015 with a foultitude of new models... Among them, if it well is one that is legitimate (with TAG Heuer or Tissot elsewhere) it is Breitling. This fact for years the brand with the winged "B" offers quartz watches with many features... What more logical then to connect these functions to a smartphone?
Let us remember... In 2014, Breitling was the caliber B50, a chronograph movement electronic multifunction, analogue and digital display. An "engine" which allowed to offer drivers a wide range of innovative functions, with a job and reading unprecedented comfort. Today, the mark goes even further with the launch of the Connected B55, a chronograph connected generation.
However, and is smart, Breitling did not "make a shows an extension phone - dependent and less efficient than the latter of addition." Thus, the chronograph is still the absolute master and the connection with a smartphone is designed first improve its usability. Through two-way communication, the two instruments thus form a perfectly complementary couple, where each is used for what he knows best. Malin.
The main asset of the smartphone being its screen size and the ergonomics of its interface, the owner of the B55 Connected can use his phone to make some settings (setting the time, timezones, alarms, settings display and operation, night mode, etc.). The result: a very net gain of comfort and efficiency. Conversely, the user can also download the chronograph to the smartphone the results of various measures (flight time, etc.) to more easily read, store them or pass them on. This is probably a smart partnership between these two instruments that complement...
B55 Connected on the other hand, presents a wide range of innovative features that make it the ultimate instrument for pilots - an electronic tachometer, a ' countdown/countup' system allowing to follow up a countdown and timekeeping "long term" (Mission Elapsed Time), as well as a highly 'Crono flight' aviation, useful for record keeping in mind the time of take-off flight times and time of landing and the date.
It has a particularly simple and logical control mode, with selection of the functions by rotating the Crown and toggling with the two buttons. The two displays to liquid crystal display (LCD), ultralisibles, have a backlight system high luminous intensity can be activated by simple pressure on the Crown - or when the user tilts the wrist of more than 35 °, which is especially effective when the hand on a plane order or a wheel. Thanks to an innovative concept of miniature rechargeable battery, recharge occurs on the network or through the USB port of a computer.
B55 Connected is equipped with a titanium case with black coating of carbon-based and decorated a blue representative symbol wireless dial. This original note in blue and black continues on the robust rubber strap. The new caliber exclusive Breitling B55, a SuperQuartz movement, looks ten times more accurate than ordinary quartz and of course, it is certified chronometer by the COSC (Controle Officiel chronometers Switzerland), like all the watches of the brand with the winged "B".